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featured bnb
Bed toward Pool 1024px.jpg

windsor bnb.

we took a tiny house approach to help this backyard bnb live large. we cleared out room for a private side yard entry and positioned the structure for maximum visual separation. both guest house and main house can enjoy pool views while maintaining privacy. call us about your bnb aspirations...we can help. 

featured poolhouse
Hall Casita 2.png

north central poolhouse.

if you've driven through luci's at the orchard you may have seen this red spectacle peeking through the canopy.  this was like building a watch with a hammer, so many critical dimensions and angles with nowhere to hide. working with pure, honest materials keeps you engaged at

every step of the process to ensure proper fit and finish. check out another project we completed with mod_ap here:  the capri on roosevelt 

featured sandford

standford drive.

this sprawling paradise valley mid century estate had undergone several dissociated additions over the years and desperately needed some cohesive order restored.  spacial planning plays a crucial role in re-design and it was a very specific idea that helped us edge out the competitors on this one: the breezeway. nearly 600 square feet of sun soaked thoroughfare interconnecting the spaces that changed the dialog to possible. much happenstance ensued and without further ado; stanford drive. 

feaued mnml


we connected hard with our clients appreciation of simple sophistication and turned out a rewarding whole house experience woven with moments of discovery and drenched in warm woods.  the story of this project begins with a closet door. simple origins of improved functionality that found its way to a multi-year, multi-structure partnership to seek and reveal the waiting potential.  we think we did. 

featued coronado

coronado dwell house.

we  got  left  in  the  construction  dust  when  this  thing  went  viral  so  many years ago and yet  it remains a legacy of pride today.  truly  a  splendor  of  details around every corner.  this homes' duality of historic and modern leaves something for everyone. details include restored original double  hung  weighted  windows,  handmade  steel  doors,  custom  made  tile and luxe bathrooms. we even  had  to weld  a new steel frame inside the old carriage house to preserve the structure from collapse. cheers to another hundred years. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 10.39.57 PM.png

campbell residence.

space age modernism for the chat-gpt era. these seattle-ites threw us the keys to the castle and said have fun and let us know when it's time to move in! can you spell - dream job? a monochromatic wash across the front facade teases the futuristic shapes concealed out back. terrazzo, custom decospan millworks and clever skylights punctuate the interiors. photos are scheduled for april and we can't stand it! 

professional images are scheduled for april 2023. here's a sneak peak with a few construction images. 

featured campbell


massive outdoor renovations for this camelback estate. we removed the tired addition to make way for this 50 foot i-beam supported patio cover complete with roll down screen and projector. automated glass doors disappear to reveal a post-less corner where they meet, extending the living space right onto the patio.  we shaped the pool, added a spa and created an outdoor kitchen and cabana at the west end to capture mountain the views, which are stunning! 

featured solano

encanto revival.

like most of our projects,   this home  has  undergone a complete down  to  the  studs  intense renovation  which  also  converted  the  original   detached garage to livable space.    we went 

through an   historic  architecture  review  and  were denied the option  to change  the roofing material - and  i couldn't  be more  pleased  with  the  decision!   i think natives to the southwest can grow tired of the overuse of faux spanish elements, losing sight when confronted with their authentic roots. though the systems were updated here we tried to stay true to the spirit of this old house. 

feaured encanto
Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 3.28.31 PM.jpeg

et wright.

we don't use a stamp and repeat design overlay. each job is custom tailored to match the energy and style of our homeowners and then regulated by the architectural environment for a restrained pairing that is personal but also self aware. and you'll see from the images what a wonderful pairing this et wright home does have with its new owner.  homage is paid to the desert modernist in playful skylights and arched ironwork. a stacked neutral palette keeps our focus on the structure and its contents as nothing attempts to overpower the mood.  we are so delighted to make superb spaces with amazing people! 

featued sands
Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 3.34.41 AM.png

eye opener

what a small world.  a client that didn't hire us to renovate a haver home ended up calling back several years later for help restoring their new building; the eye opener in sunnyslope. it's gets even smaller when we  found out during construction that it would be occupied by our good friend frank malefors. now he, ryan and miles have a power trio of vintage good and wicked design under one roof. we are pleased that their business and building will be strutting at this years modern phoenix home tour. get your wallets warmed up, lots of great stuff abounds! 

featured eyeopener
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